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Proficient Management Services, LLC is a management company that provides managerial oversight to existing properties.  The company also manages projects that are under construction and/or in the planning phases.  Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we specialize in the timely conversion of underachieving rental properties anywhere in the United States.  The company provides a full compliment of property management and consulting services.  Our team is comprised of industry professionals that work in tandem to create a product that is setting the bar in property management.

The brainchild of Robert and Tanya Ragsdale; the company is driven by the efforts of a team that specializes in all areas of Affordable Housing, Proficient Management Services offers everything from management to professional consultations.  Whether you own a property that has been flagged by HUD, or you simply want to make a change in management; we are available to meet your needs.  We pride ourselves in being hands on, accessible and responsive.  Our owners have consistently stated that they are most pleased with the degree of accessibility that they receive from our company.

"Our Mission"

To provide superior services to our clients by utilizing management techniques that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely (S.M.A.R.T.).  Realizing that customer relations is key to the success of our clients; our intent is to provide our services efficiently, effectively and with convenience.  Everything that we do is focused on the ultimate goal of maximizing our clients' cash flow and increasing the net value of their properties as if we own it.  

We invite you to peruse this web site to appreciate what Proficient Management has to offer your community.