Proficient Management Services
Our Philosophy
Proficient Management Services, believes that properties must be maintained proficiently. The success of our company isn't happenstance, but more accurately, the byproduct of management practices that are deliberate and goal oriented. This has resulted in an end product that is effective and can be replicated.

Our experience in the property management field has involved all aspects of property management. From marketing to accounting; application to move-out, we develop a customized plan for each property; then we provide the best people and resources necessary to execute it! Through the use of efficient employee relations and team building techniques, Proficient Management Services' employees have been able to facilitate modernization, relocation and construction efforts.

There are six characteristics that we strive to engender within our management team: Competence - knowledge of the business and the required skills to perform efficiently. Courtesy - the ability/intent to be friendly, respectful and considerate to our customers. Credibility - each team member must be trustworthy. Reliable - services must be performed consistently and accurately. Responsive - customers (owners') requests and problems are to be addressed quickly. Communication - every effort should be made to understand and communicate information clearly. These characteristics are pervasive throughout our organization, which is to say that they are the norm for our dealings with everyone to include co-workers, contractors, sub-contractors and vendors.

As previously stated, the success of our company isn't happenstance! Our leadership believes in the need for and creation of goals. We have found the Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely (S.M.A.R.T.) system of goal setting to be very beneficial and have chosen to incorporate it into our overall management philosophy. The system has yielded impressive results for our company.