Proficient Management Services
What We Do
Proficient Management Services has the staff, resources and experience to offer a full compliment of services to meet your individual goals and needs. We currently have property managers, a management consultant, a maintenance consultant, a financial analyst, an accountant and a licensed real estate agent as members of our management team. Here is an outline of the types of services available to you:

Financial Services

These services can be part of a larger management program or performed by themselves for less complicated properties. 
   Financial Reports 
   Billing Services 
   Accounts Receivable 
   Accounts Payable 
   Budget Development 
   Payroll Processing 
   Audit and Tax

Property Management

Managerial oversight will be generally performed by an executive of the company. However, the Property Manager will be charged with performing specific services that are essential to the success of your property. 
   Oversight of Contracted Services
   Rent Collection
   Achieving Fiscal Efficiency
   Effective Marketing
   Unit Turnover/Leasing
   Establishing Measurable Performance Indicators 
   Oversight of Contracted Services
   Monitoring Employee Performance 
   Property Inspections 
   Monitoring Service Requests / Work Orders 
   Emergency Services

Administrative Services

These services are essential to the smooth operation and protection of your property. 
   Property Rules 
   File and Database Maintenance 
   Operational Policies & Procedures

Consulting Services

Experienced Proficient Management Services staff assist property owners, board members, developers, builders, lending institutions, municipalities, and other entities with association-related matters. These activities are often in addition to or in support of other “routine” services previously described above. Here are some primary examples: 
   Maintenance/Asset Management
   Budget Development 
   Tax Credit
   Management Operations/Functions 
   Maintenance Operations/Functions 
   Team Building